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Brewer Birdguard Gas Model


Unwanted birds and debris that enters your chimney can cause a multitude of issues, the Brewer birguard for use with gas is designed to prevent this. With the use of a wired mesh it is designed to prevent unwanted livestock and airbourne materials from entering into your system, it also allows smoke and fumes to be exhausted efficiently. Fitted with an integral rain hat, it has the added advantage of minimising rain entry helping to prevent internal structural decay.

Made from aluminium, it is suitable for use with gas and oil. Stainless steel is recommended for greater longevity.

 The Brewer birdguard has deservedly become a popular unit over the years.

Please note: The clay chimney pot is not included in this sale

  • The nuisance caused by birds, squirrels, leaves or other debris can be easily remedied.
  • The rain cap provides a substantial reduction in rain entry and subsequent structural damage caused by freeze/thaw cycle. 
  • Fits live or redundant chimneys.