VELUX Windows and Skylights

VELUX Windows and Skylights

VELUX has long been established as the market leader in roof windows and skylights. Our VELUX windows range covers a wide variety of popular styles including centre pivot, top hung, flat roof windows, sun tunnels and balcony windows.

In addition, you’ll find extras such as VELUX flashing kits, INTEGRA® electric and solar power controls, blinds, installation products, replacement glazing and more. Our VELUX bundles make it easy to find everything you need for your project.

Whether you’re a tradesperson or a homeowner, we’ve made it easy to design and buy VELUX windows. With next-day delivery on orders placed before 2pm, you can complete your project as quickly as possible. Alternatively, call 0800 124 4431 or visit the friendly experts at your local Burton Roofing depot for advice, samples and price estimates.

You can also read on to learn more about our VELUX windows range and the different options available to improve your property.

What is a VELUX window and what are the benefits?

VELUX windows are installed in the roof of a property or in the ceiling of an extension. They’re designed to flood the top floor with fresh air and daylight – a fact given away by the manufacturer’s name. The ‘VE’ of VELUX stands for ventilation, while ‘LUX’ is taken from the Latin word for light.
The brand has set the market standard over the years and offers lots of different products that can enhance your property and quality of life. The key benefits of VELUX windows include:

  • Better living environments: Extra daylight and fresh air can enhance the functionality and feel of a property. Natural light is good for our health, while ventilation reduces the risk of structural damp
  • Improved aesthetics: VELUX pitched roof or skylight windows can make awkward spaces feel larger and airier. Their variety of finishing options can also create an attractive, coherent appearance from inside and out
  • Quality and safety: VELUX products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards. They guarantee energy efficiency and long-term performance – as well as compliance with building regulations
  • Variety: As an approved VELUX supplier, we stock a wide range of styles and accessories to suit different properties, tastes and project aims

What types of VELUX windows are available?

VELUX windows come in lots of styles and sizes, each with their own finishes, glazing specifications, flashings and opening options.
The key types available include:

  • VELUX pitched roof windows: Our VELUX top-hung or centre pivot sloped roof windows are popular choices that can transform extensions and loft conversions
  • VELUX rooflights: Wondering can you put a VELUX window in a flat roof? Choose opaque or transparent VELUX skylight windows with a roof dome or install an access and emergency window 
  • VELUX balcony windows: A VELUX balcony solution can help you create a relaxing spot in the sun and maximise your views, or function as a traditional roof window
  • VELUX sun tunnels: These smartly designed tubes fit between roofs and ceilings to reflect sunlight into awkward spaces such as corridors, stairwells and cupboards
  • The VELUX conservation range: This range is carefully designed to complement the existing style of listed and heritage buildings
  • VELUX studio windows: A showstopping design option featuring three VELUX roof window sashes in a single frame

Should I choose VELUX top-hung windows or VELUX centre pivot windows?

Our traditional pitched roof VELUX windows and VELUX conservation options come in top hung and centre pivot variations. We’ve summarised how both methods work and their key advantages below.

VELUX top-hung windows
This variation is opened from the bottom outwards using a handle. With the pivot at the top, all of the sash is opened out from the room to provide uninterrupted views. This also means they can function as escape routes in the event of a fire or other emergencies.

Installing top-hung VELUX windows also allows you to place furniture underneath without worrying about obstructing the sash or causing damage when opening them.

VELUX centre pivot windows
This style opens from the middle using a handle located at the top or bottom of the frame. Using a centre pivot means half the window enters the room when opened while the other half opens outside. This 180-degree rotation function makes them easy to clean on both sides.

VELUX centre pivot windows don’t offer the same uninterrupted views or escape access, but can keep project costs down as they tend to be cheaper than top-hung models

What control methods are available with VELUX windows?

As well as choosing between top hung or centre pivot openings, many of our VELUX windows can be designed to operate manually or remotely using electricity or even solar power.

How to open VELUX windows manually

Manual VELUX windows are a traditional and reliable choice. They can be opened by hand or using a simple opening rod if the window is too high or awkward to reach. Manual VELUX windows are cheaper to buy than electric options, though the ongoing energy savings are negligible.

How to open electric VELUX windows

You can open electric VELUX windows easily using a wall-mounted switch or a remote control. They’re ideal if your windows are difficult to get to, if you struggle getting around, or if you simply enjoy kitting out your home with technology. 

The VELUX INTEGRA® range can also be operated with solar power. When combined with VELUX ACTIVE, your VELUX windows can react automatically to air quality and temperature or be controlled via an easy-to-use smartphone app.

What size VELUX windows do I need?

All our VELUX windows come in different sizes, so it’s worth measuring your space and exploring the dimensions available with your chosen window type. Each VELUX window produced after 1968 has a code, so it’s easy to order the right-size replacements or spare parts by matching this number.

As a general rule, large VELUX windows will allow more light into the room. They can be great for transforming previously dark areas or making tasks such as reading easier. Too much light could make a space too bright and warm to spend much time in on sunny days, however.

The style of the property may also influence your decision. Small VELUX windows can be better suited to traditional homes than several large expanses of glass, for example.

What VELUX window glazing options are there?

VELUX windows come with a laminated inner pane and toughened outer pane as standard. You can then add the following upgrades:

  • Triple glazing: Three layers of glazing for reduced heat loss and increased energy efficiency, perfect for creating cosy bedrooms and living spaces
  • Noise reducing: Special glazing designed to dampen exterior noise, ideal for busy urban areas
  • Enhanced security: Extra tough glazing to make your property more safe and secure.

What VELUX accessories and extras are available?

We offer several other products to help complete your project and maintain your VELUX windows for years to come. Our accessories and extras include:

  • Blinds: Choose compatible light-blocking designs in a variety of materials, colours and operations. We also stock VELUX blind accessories such as lining kits and vapour barriers
  • VELUX window flashing kits: Match the exterior frame to your roof seamlessly and create a weatherproof seal
  • VELUX replacement glass: Repair or upgrade your existing window with a variety of glazing options. VELUX window replacement made easy!
  • Smoke ventilation systems: Ensure resident safety with break-glass units and smoke ventilation systems
  • Installation products: Get the job done with our support trimmers, lining kits, glazing bars and more
  • Other accessories: Shop repair kits, VELUX electric window conversion kits, opening rods and other useful extras

How much are VELUX windows?

There are several factors that will determine the overall cost of your VELUX windows, including:

  • The type of window you’re installing. A VELUX balcony window will cost more than a traditional VELUX pitched roof window, for example
  • Your chosen size
  • Whether it’s a VELUX top hung or centre pivot window
  • The control mode i.e. manual, electric or solar powered
  • The internal finish – white painted, white polyurethane or natural pine
  • The level and type of glazing
  • Your chosen VELUX flashing kit
  • Whether you add VELUX ACTIVE compatibility

Our expert team can help you compare options and put together estimates if you need help finding the right products for your project.

How to maintain VELUX windows

VELUX is renowned for quality and durability, but there are a few steps you can take to maintain your windows and ensure long-term performance.

  • Clean the air filter by removing it from the filter rail and using household cleaners
  • Clean the pane using gentle cleaning products or simple soft water
  • Clean the flashing to remove debris and allow water to flow away freely
  • Limit humidity to prevent condensation

VELUX recommends replacing gas springs and electric motors within ten years of installation
Our repair kits can help you restore old or damaged products, while our VELUX window replacement options are ideal if it’s time for a swap or upgrade of your glazing. You can also download the user guide for your specific VELUX window from the VELUX website.

Buy VELUX windows with Burton Roofing today

Burton Roofing is a trusted supplier of VELUX windows in the UK. We have over 35 years of experience in the trade and a Trustpilot rating of ‘Excellent’ based on hundreds of independent customer reviews. You can rely on us to provide high quality VELUX products at the right price.

Place your order online before 2pm to get next-day delivery on all products in stock. With free delivery in selected areas, read more about our delivery rates or use our delivery estimate tool when you go through the checkout process. Feel free to call us on 0800 124 4431 for more advice on VELUX windows.

VELUX Roof Windows

VELUX roof windows are ideal for house extensions, loft conversions or any project where a skylight window would be suited.

VELUX Flat Roof Windows

VELUX have designed an innovative range of flat roofing solutions encasing their renowned roof window within a roof dome.

VELUX Low Pitch Roof Windows

VELUX brand new low-pitch roof window is the best solution for roofs with a pitch between 10°-20°

VELUX Blinds & Accessories

We offer an extensive range of specially designed blinds for VELUX Roof Windows including their flat roof windows.

VELUX Accessories

From repair kits for old and damaged VELUX windows to electric conversion kits.

VELUX Cabrio Balcony

With a VELUX CABRIO® balcony, you can transform your roof window from a window to a balcony in seconds.

VELUX Flashings

VELUX provides a range of flashing options to marry the roof window to your specific roof covering, ensuring a weather-tight seal.

VELUX Sun Tunnels

Add daylight into your home's dark corridors, stairwells, and cupboards with VELUX Sun Tunnels

VELUX Studio Windows

One window. Three times the view. Create an impressive panoramic view with the new STUDIO window.

VELUX Conservation Kits

VELUX conservation roof windows to complement listed and heritage buildings.

VELUX Installation Products

VELUX installation products everything from support trimmers to lining kits.

VELUX Replacement Glazing

Find the perfect VELUX replacement glazing for your window, no matter what its size or age.

VELUX Smoke Ventilation System

VELUX break glass unit for flat roofs is perfect for use with the innovative smoke ventilation system.

Not finding what you are looking for?

If you aren't finding the right product for your project, let us know and we will likely have it or being able to source it for you. With over 42 thousand product lines availible we arent able to list them all on our website.

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