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With over £8million of high-quality roofing products available on the ground and ready for delivery, you can count on Burton Roofing Merchants to have what you need at the right price. Burton Roofing - A brand you can trust.

Whether you are a tradesperson looking for only the best in materials and accessories, or you need to revamp your property’s roof, there is bound to be the perfect product to suit your needs in our listings. We even have a variety of VELUX windows for sale, as well as VELUX blinds and VELUX flashings, making us your one-stop shop for roofing products. So, take a look through our online listings and place your order today.

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What sets us apart from online competition is that we have 200 staff in 38 depots located around the country just waiting to promptly despatch your goods to your location after you’ve placed an online order. You can find out more about our UK delivery rates here.

Equally though, you can visit our depots and speak to our friendly, knowledgeable and expert staff to find out more about our roofing materials and VELUX windows. At our nationwide depots you can also request samples, obtain prices and estimates on your building projects and place an order.

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