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Specialist Roofing Tools

At Burton Roofing Merchants we have a wide variety of specialist roofing tools for sale that are suitable for a number of specific and general purposes. Many options are available, whether you’re looking for a replacement slate cutter, a new blade for a worn-out tool or any other specialist roofing tool for a particular task.

For both personal and professional roofing projects, it is essential that you have the correct and high quality tools to ensure the best possible results. Take a look through the extensive range of specialist roofing tools that we currently have in stock below and discover products that suit your roofing needs.

Gas Refills, Slate Cutters and More

Replacement tools and accessories such as gas refill cylinders for welding and propane torches are available. These are vital to prevent you running out partway through a roofing project or to stock up your backup supplies. The same goes for Oxyturbo oxygen refill cylinders, packs of spare flints and nozzle accessory sets, in case you break or lose any. 

Specialist roofing tools, such as slate cutters and replacement top blades, are useful for cutting tiles, while pick hammers with varying handles are vital for pulling out nails and making holes in slates. These and more basic roofing tools such as a paddle roller, rubber bucket and more can all be found in this section. 

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Save time by using the filter options to narrow your search for a specialist roofing tool. Products can be refined based on the manufacturer and product type, presenting just all the slating tools for example. No matter what the roofing task at hand, in our range of specialist roofing tools you can discover everything from a wooden bossing stick ideal for lead work, to a slate ripper for removing nails and slates.

Browse the specialist roofing tools available and place your order in our online store today. 

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  1. Oxyturbo Gas Refill 610ml
  2. Oxyturbo 90 Gas Welding Set
  3. Taymar Blowlamp Refill
  4. Spare Flints Pack Of 10
  5. Roofers Ridge Bucket
    Roofers Ridge Bucket
    £11.34 £9.45
  6. Rubber Bucket
    Rubber Bucket
    £10.48 £8.73
  7. Oxy Turbo Spare Neck Tube
  8. Slate Ripper Fully Forged
  9. Slaters Axe Right Hand
    Slaters Axe Right Hand
    £20.74 £17.28
  10. Single Point Break Iron
  11. Wooden Bossing Stick
    Wooden Bossing Stick
    £13.09 £10.91
  12. Pair of Hip Runners
    Pair of Hip Runners
    £52.50 £43.75
  13. Double Tipped Tile Scribe
  14. Longo Chalk Flask Red
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Items 1-24 of 46

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