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Eaves Ventilation

The eaves of your roof (the part that overhangs the walls of your house) should be kept well-ventilated. Well, here at Burton Roofing, we’ve developed a range to help you do this.

We have a collection of over fascia vents and roll out rafter trays to help you create continuous airflow at the eaves of your property and ensure that it’s well-ventilated.

Over Fascia Vents

Our range of over fascia ventilators ensure a continuous flow of air into the roof space between the fascia board and the felt. The vent is designed to sit discreetly on top of the fascia board, beneath the felt, and they are robust enough to be used with any roof tiles or slates.

Roll Out Rafter Trays

Our roll out rafter trays are designed to maintain a flow of air to the roof space from outside. The tray provides an air gap between the felt and loft insulation, creating an airflow that allows any built-up moisture to escape.

Investing in one of our roll out rafter trays is a cost-effective and simple solution to solve all your eaves ventilation problems.

Shop Online with Burton Roofing

Make sure you take a look at the eaves ventilation products on our online shop today.

Here at Burton Roofing, we are the UK’s number one supplier of roofing materials. Our company was established in 1982 in Hull and now we’ve got over 30 years of experience in providing roofing materials to happy customers. That means that when you buy with us, you can be guaranteed to be investing in quality products from leading brands.

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  1. Manthorpe G502 Rafter Roll Tray 650mm x12m
  2. 6m Roll Out Rafter Tray
    6m Roll Out Rafter Tray
    • Accommodates 400mm to 600mm rafter centres
    • 25,000mm2/m airflow
    • Flexible to suit uneven refurbishment details
    • Available in a double width version
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  3. 10mm Over Fascia Vent 1m lengths
    10mm Over Fascia Vent 1m lengths
    • G1200N provides 10,000mm2 airflow per meter
    • 1m in length
    • Fit with all roof tiles and slates
    • Discreet design
    • Fixes easily into the top of the fascia board
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