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Lead Working Tools

Whether you need a lead dresser, a setting stick or a bossing stick, you can be sure to find it in our range. If you’re searching for lead welding tools, then our Oxyturbo kits are one of our most popular items, and they’re available at a great price.

We have all of the lead work tools that you could possibly need for your project, no matter how big or small it may be. We stock a number of lead dresser kits that include bending sticks, bossing sticks and chase wedges, as well as stocking bossing mallets and lead snips. You’ll find it all in our range of lead work tools.

We even stock lead ladles so that you can melt small quantities of lead that can be used for sealing joints and bullet casting. These can also be handy for skimming and stirring metal. If you’re looking for lead welding tools, take a look at the full listings today.

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  2. Wooden Lead Dresser Kit
  3. Wooden Lead Setting Stick
  4. Wooden Lead Bending Stick
  5. Medium Bossing Mallet
    Medium Bossing Mallet
    £21.60 £18.00
  6. Plastic Setting Stick
    Plastic Setting Stick
    £22.96 £19.13
  7. Wooden Bossing Stick
    Wooden Bossing Stick
    £13.09 £10.91
  8. Medium Wooden Lead Dresser
  9. Lead Ladle
    Lead Ladle
    £42.12 £35.10
  10. Lead Snips
    Lead Snips
    £11.88 £9.90
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