Roof Insulation & Loft Insulation

Roof Insulation & Loft Insulation

Sub-par roof and loft insulation can make or break a home. You can craft the most elegant, beautiful home but it’s destined to be a disaster if it doesn’t have the right amount of roof or loft insulation.

Whether you’re a tradesperson finishing off a build to the highest standard or a homeowner looking to benefit from improved heat efficiency, you need the right kind of insulation for the job.

If you’re looking for high-quality roof or ceiling insulation, you’ve come to the right place. As the UK’s No.1 supplier of roofing materials, we have a wide variety of roof and loft insulation as well as several choices when it comes to ventilating the airspace. From conservatory roof insulation panels to warm or pitched roof insulation and loft insulation boards, we do it all.

Browse our full range online today or read on to find out everything you need to know about getting the right insulation for your home.

What is roof and loft insulation?

Installed correctly, loft and roof insulation significantly reduces the amount of heat lost in the home and improves its energy rating. Placed over and between the wooden joints in the ceiling of your home, properly installed roof and loft insulation should pay for itself time and time again.

It’s often recommended for households looking to save money on their energy bills, as it’s one of the cheapest ways to make your home more energy-efficient.

Whether you will benefit from loft or roof insulation depends on whether your loft is being used as a room or not. For example, if your loft is accessed by a small hatch, you can insulate the floor of your loft. If your loft is accessed via a staircase, you’ll benefit from having the walls and ceiling insulated from the inside. 

What are the benefits of roof and loft insulation?

There are many benefits to roof and loft insulation including:

  • Cheaper energy bills
  • According to the Energy Saving Trust, approximately a quarter of heat is lost through the roof of an uninsulated home. Roof and loft insulation is an affordable way to improve your home’s energy efficiency rating and ensure that you’re not spending unnecessary amounts of money on heating bills.

  • Less heat escaping from your home
  • In fact, as well as keeping your house warm in winter, the right roof insulation will also protect your home against excessive heat in the summer.

  • Better for the environment
  • What’s more, as well as keeping heat in your home, roof insulation is also beneficial when it comes to global warming and CO2 emissions. By reducing the amount of energy it takes to heat your home, you can also reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Quick and easy to install
  • One of the benefits of roof and loft insulation is that it’s a relatively straightforward, inexpensive job to carry out. But it can reap big rewards!

  • You’ll have less noise
  • If you live on a busy road or find your sleep is often disturbed by outside noise, roof insulation could help. Known for its acoustic properties, loft insulation helps dampen any unwanted noise.

  • It’s cost-effective
  • Insulation can last for up to 40 years and is relatively cheap to install in the first place, making it a worthwhile investment for most homes.

    What are the different types of loft roof insulation?

    Cold loft insulation

    Cold loft roof insulation is where ceiling insulation is placed between the wooden joists of your home’s top floor. This will make sure your home is kept toasty warm in winter and cool in summer, but your loft will remain uninsulated.    

    For this, our rolls of insulation are perfect for the job.

    Warm roof insulation

    If you use your attic as a bedroom for example, you will need to consider warm roof insulation. In this setup, your roof insulation sits in the slope under the roof.

    For warm roof insulation, you can use mineral or glass-wool ceiling insulation, or polystyrene slabs and insulation boards.

    Pitched roof insulation

    If you have a pitched roof, you can insulate your home using slabs or rolls. These insulation boards can be installed between and over the rafters.

    Flat roof insulation

    If you have a flat roof, then you have 3 options when it comes to insulation.

    • A warm deck roof –installed above the roof deck and after the joists
    • A cold deck roof –insulation is placed below ceiling joists
    • Inverted roof insulation – placed above the weather membrane, protecting the roof from wear and tear.

    At Burton, we have a range of insulation suitable for flat roofs including torch-on and tissue-faced flat roof boards.


    Multifoil insulation may look like a spaceship from the inside, but it’s a great way to insulate a home. Made up of layers of foil and wadding, multifoil insulation is a popular option for newbuilds and retrofits. 

    At Burton, we stock only the best multifoil insulation from leading brands such as Actis, TLXInsulation and YBS Insulation.

    Insulation boards

    Also known as insulation foam boards, loft boards or rigid foam, insulation boards are an easy way to provide extra insulation in the home. At Burton, we stock a variety of different loft insulation boards from leading manufacturers such as Rockwool, Thermafleece, Isover and Ursa

    Wool insulation

    Wool insulation, as the name suggests, is made up of sheep wool fibres that have been bonded together. As well as being sustainable, sheep’s wool can keep your home a comfortable temperature all year round.

    As the sheep’s wool traps air, this creates a thermal barrier to the outside, keeping the cold out and warm in. Or vice versa in summer.

    How to choose the right roof insulation?

    Insulating your property is an essential part of modern living. However, as part of the process, you’ll need to be aware of the common pitfalls of roof insulation and how to avoid them, such as moisture in the roof space and the eventual development of mould and mildew caused by condensation.

    Therefore, the best type of roof and ceiling insulation entirely depends on how you use your loft and the properties of the space. For example, if your loft is used as an additional living space, then warm roof insulation is a must. However, choosing the materials to be used is completely down to you. As long as they comply with building regulations and guidelines.

    When choosing the right roof insulation, you should also be mindful of any damp or condensation. As insulation can make your loft even cooler, it can also make damp or condensation worse. If you do find that you have unexpected damp, you may need to increase the ventilation in the space and seek professional help.

    Whether you need conservatory roof insulation panels or garage roof insulation, we’ve got the right roof insulation for the job at hand. Take a look at our full range below and browse our high-quality loft insulation from world-leading manufacturers.

    Trust Burton for superior quality loft and roof insulation

    With 35 years’ experience in the trade, we’re proud to be the UK’s most trusted roofing supplier. In fact, as a result of our dedication to customer service, quality products and value for money, we’re rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot.

    Whether you’re undergoing a huge newbuild project, or simply want to save some money on your heating bills, we’re committed to helping you get your project underway.

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    Flat Roof Insulation

    Torch-On and Tissue Faced Flat Roof boards for Flat Roof builds.


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