Glazing Bars

Glazing Bars

An essential part of any glass or polycarbonate roofing system, glazing bars are used to build conservatories, greenhouses, and carports.

These play a key role for many structures by securing glazing panes in place and minimising leakages. You can choose from materials such as aluminium glazing bars or plastic glazing bars (PVC) in order to achieve your desired finish.

Browse our extensive range of roof glazing bars below, including specialised Snapa glazing bars. If you’re struggling to work out your requirements, you can contact our friendly sales team on 0800 124 4431 or email – we’re always happy to help you out.

What are glazing bars?

Glazing bars are sturdy, rigid bars designed to connect two separate panes together. You can find glazing bars for glass or polycarbonate roofing sheets, depending on your preference of glazed pane to construct your structure from.

These can be secured to the exterior of a building using a glazing wall bar or attached to a free-standing structure by screwing into the frame itself. This freedom allows you to construct weatherproof roofing for a variety of purposes, such as on treehouses or pergolas.

What do glazing bars do?

Glazing bars for polycarbonate roofs are typically used as a way of adding strength to the roofing and connecting up all the individual glazing panes. You’ll see the top section of the bar sitting between each pane, providing additional weatherproofing together with the glazing panes themselves.

The undersection is what holds the glazing bar to the glazing pane and forms a strong joint between each pane it's connected to. This tight seal is what also prevents leaks from rainwater or other precipitation from coming through to affect whatever is sitting beneath the structure.

Types of glazing bar

You’ll find two main types of glazing bar which are widely available – PVC plastic glazing bars or aluminium glazing bars. There are different benefits to using each type, depending on what sort of project you’re working on.

  • Aluminium glazing bar

Offering strength and stability to outdoor structures, aluminium glazing bars are great options for securing glazing panes and providing a professional finish. These include both the ALUKAP-XR glazing bar and ALUKAP-SS glazing bar ranges, both of which are screw-down glazing bars.

ALUKAP-SS offers aluminium self-supporting glazing bars which offer a low-weight, high-strength integrated solution for your roofing system. Each component of the ALUKAP-SS range is aluminium powder coated for durability and comes in a range of colour options. It is compatible with any thickness of glass pane or polycarbonate roofing pane, giving flexibility within your designs.

ALUKAP-XR products include aluminium glazing bars which are part of a world-renowned glazing system. It is designed to secure glazing panes to hardwood, steel, or any other framework without the need for plastic end caps. With concealed fixings, great weather resistance and aluminium components as well, all you need to do is choose the colour option which suits your structure best.

  • PVC glazing bar

Plastic glazing bars are typically made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), an incredibly versatile polymer offering high durability without excessive weight. It can also be easily manipulated if elements need cutting down to size, such as wall bars for mounting your glazing panes.

Snapa glazing bars are a specialised form of plastic snap-down glazing bars. Their design allows them to simply ‘snap’ together by pressing the two sections together to securely join roofing sheets. It can act as a low-cost, low-maintenance solution for smaller DIY projects without requiring lots of additional tools for roofing construction.

How to fit glazing bars

Fitting polycarbonate glazing bars is a relatively simple process – provided you have the right know-how and tools. Depending on the type of glazing bar you’re using, you may need additional tools or support to help you.

Snapa glazing bars can simply push together, while other forms may require tightening screws to create a tight joint. The exact method for fitting will vary depending on the type of glazing bar you choose to use, but you can find exact instructions on fitting glazing bars for each product we offer.

What are glazing bars used for?

There are many types of structures that rely on glazing bars to give form to their roofing. A wide variety of garden DIY projects can make use of polycarbonate roofing systems or glazing panes for aesthetic or practical purposes.


If you’re looking to build a greenhouse from scratch rather than purchasing a pre-built greenhouse, glazing bars can help you to construct the ideal structure.

Glazing panes allow for the maximum amount of light to pass through while still providing protection from the elements.


Glazing bars can help you to make your ideal space for sheltering your car on your driveway.

Making a lean-to extending from your home where you can park your vehicle is simple and straightforward with polycarbonate roofing systems.


You can make use of aluminium glazing bars for conservatory roofs if you’re looking to construct an additional mixed-use space.

Conservatory glazing bars will need to be durable and installed correctly to function in the long term, but they can serve as an excellent choice for the job.

Covered decking areas

No one likes to sit out in the rain without having some cover above them – and glazing bars can help you do just that.

You can easily put together a roof over your decking and your outdoor furniture with some glazing panes and roof glazing bars, so you can make the most of your lovely outdoor space.


Your structures aren’t just limited to those attached to the exterior of your home.

You can create freestanding structures with polycarbonate roofing systems too, taking advantage of the ALUKAP-XR range to screw glazing bars directly into the frame.


If you’re a business looking to create a permanent cover for your outdoor area, roof glazing bars can help you do just that.

They can adapt to whatever outdoor space you’re trying to cover, all you need to do is cut everything to size and use glazing bars at strategic points to provide the support you require.

Looking for where to buy glazing bars? Burton Roofing has you covered

Whenever you’re looking to construct something using a polycarbonate roofing system, you can rely on polycarbonate glazing bars to give you the assistance you need.

We stock a variety of different glazing bars to suit any potential needs of our customers, so simply browse our selection and order the ones which suit your structure the best. For extra reassurance, you can find out what our previous satisfied customers have said about their experience with Burton Roofing.

If you’re in need of some expert advice or recommendations, our sales team are always on hand to help out. You can reach them via phone on 0800 124 4431 or through email at .

ALUKAP-SS Lean-to High and Low Span Projections Core Range

Wall Bar, High Span Bar, Wall & Eaves Beam, Gable Bar, L-Cap and Posts.

ALUKAP-XR Rafter Supported Core Range

60mm Wall Bar, 45mm/60mm Bar, 60mm Gable Bar and Endstop Bar.

Snapa Rafter Supported Lean-to Core Range

Lean-to-Bar, Endstop Bar and Gable Bar.

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