Chimney Pots & Cowls

Some things in roofing never go out of fashion, and the humble chimney pot is one of them. Whether you’re a builder restoring an older home to its original self, an architect designing a new home in a period style, or a homeowner looking to renovate a roof, you’re bound to find the perfect chimney pots and chimney pot cowls among our selection.

Offering both aesthetic and functional purpose in protecting the chimney stack, a quality chimney pot and cowl can be a key addition to your roof build, and one that can represent exceptional value with fantastic prices across our entire range.

As the UK’s No. 1 supplier of roofing materials, here at Burton Roofing Merchants our chimney pots and chimney pot covers are available in a wide variety of sizes, colours and styles. You’re sure to find one that looks great on your home, no matter whether it’s traditional or contemporary.

Take a look at the full range online today, or read on to find out everything you need to know about getting the right chimney pot and chimney pot topper for your home.

What are chimney pot cowls?

Chimney pot cowls are hood-shaped coverings that are fitted to the top of a chimney. They largely serve a functional purpose, helping to increase updraughts and prevent smoke from blowing back into the home.

They also offer protection against birds and vermin as well as offering improved weather protection, keeping the interior of the chimney protected from rainfall, snow and ice. Furthermore, they offer an additional coverage layer to protect against the build-up of debris such as leaves and twigs.

While not as much of an essential as chimney pots themselves, metal or clay chimney cowls are perfect for disused chimneys as they help to eliminate heat loss through the stack.

What are the benefits of using chimney pots and chimney cowls?

The benefits of adding a chimney pot to your stack are:

• It produces better ventilation for the combustion process.

• It protects your chimney stack from debris, animals and inclement weather.

• It offers an additional design feature to the exterior of your home, which can in turn add value to your property.

The benefits of adding a chimney cowl to your stack are:

• It increases the draught of the chimney while preventing backflow of smoke.

• It offers additional protection against inclement weather, animals and the build-up of debris.

• It eliminates unnecessary heat loss through the stack, making it ideal for homes with disused chimneys.

What are the different types of chimney pot?

Because of how popular chimney pots have become as design features, today you can find hundreds of different shapes and styles for your home. Take a look at our full range below and you’ll see everything from square chimney pots to round, rectangular and even octagonal ones.

You’ll also find a large selection of Forterra Redbank chimney pots available – a hugely established and highly trusted manufacturer with over a century in the industry.

What are the different types of chimney cowl?

While choosing which type of chimney pot you want largely comes down to a style preference, chimney pot covers and chimney pot caps vary slightly in that they offer different functions. Choices include anti-downdraught cowls, wind cowls, spinning cowls, rain tops and bird guards, all of which have certain protection focuses as their names suggest.

When selecting a chimney pot cowl, you may have a particular priority, be it to protect your chimney against animals or to maximise updraught. Bear this focus in mind when selecting one for your home.

When should you use a chimney pot and cowl?

A chimney pot and cowl belong on any home with an open chimney stack. Beyond their functional benefits, the additional design elements make them a must for house renovations of older or period-style homes. They’re also an essential for disused chimney stacks, as their ability to eliminate heat loss and blowback make them a highly resourceful solution, even if you’re not using your chimney directly.

How much should you expect to pay for chimney pots in the UK?

As you’ll be able to see from our range below, chimney pot cowls are relatively inexpensive to purchase. Simple cover and guard options cost anywhere from a few pounds for a basic bird guard to upwards of £100 for a high-quality spinning cowl option.

Chimney pots tend to cost a little more, with prices starting at around £25 for a simple roll top through to a few hundred pounds for some Redbank chimney pots.

They’re a value-adding feature for most homes, so any option you choose will make sense in the long term. You should also bear in mind that if you’re not planning to tackle the installation yourself, there will be additional fitting costs charged by a contractor.

Maintaining your terracotta chimney pots and cowls

Proper maintenance of your chimney pots and cowls will largely come as an extension of the care you take of your roof. As a general rule of thumb, you should:

• Have your chimney, including the pot and cowl, inspected at least once a year for any cracks or damage.

• Have your chimney cleaned at least once a year, and regularly keep on top of clearing away debris where required.

• Ensure that your chimney and its fittings are fully waterproofed.

Find your ideal roof chimney build with Burton Roofing today

We’ve got over 35 years of experience in the trade and are proud to be the UK’s most trusted roofing supplier. We’re rated ’Excellent’ on Trustpilot, with hundreds of customer reviews attesting to our stellar service, the quality of our products and their value for money.

Whether it’s terracotta chimney pots and cowls or any other roofing supplies, our aim is always the same – to deliver you the results you desire.

We also offer free delivery in selected areas in the UK, as well as a handy tool that allows you to get an estimated delivery rate on your purchase. For more information, take a look at our delivery and returns page. If you have any queries at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 124 4431.

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