Chimney Pots & Cowls

Whether you’re a builder looking to restore an older home to its original self, an architect looking to design a new home in a period style, or a homeowner looking to renovate a roof, you’re bound to find the perfect chimney pots in our listings.

Chimney pots are terracotta ceramic pots that sit atop your chimney. They can be used to add external character, charm and beauty to any home or building. The shape of a chimney pot can vary to suit the style you require, and they can be round, square, octagonal or even rectangular.

We even stock a range of chimney pot cover options to help eliminate drafts and keep birds and vermin away. These chimney cowls are great for disused chimneys, helping eliminate heat loss, too.

At the UK’s No. 1 supplier of roofing materials, here at Burton Roofing Merchants, our chimney pots and chimney pot covers are available in a wide variety of sizes, colours and styles, so you can find one that looks great on your home, no matter whether it’s traditional or contemporary. Take a look at the full range online today.

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  1. Aspirotor Model 200 (180-235mm)
  2. C-Cap Disused Chimney Cowl 300mm in Buff
  3. Aerodyne Clamp Cowl Aluminium
  4. Galvanised Mesh Chimney Guard
    Galvanised Mesh Chimney Guard
    £3.85 £3.21
  5. Brewer UFO Round Multifuel Cowl
  6. Brewer Chimney Capper in Terracotta
  7. Brewer Birdguard Solid Fuel Model
  8. Brewer Birdguard Gas Model
  9. MAD High Chimney Birdguard in Terracotta
  10. Traditional Galvanised Wire Balloon
  11. Knowles Mushroom Hood 185mm Insert Buff
  12. Knowles Bonnet Hood 185mm Insert Buff
  13. Knowles Mushroom Hood 185mm Spigot Red
  14. Knowles 375mm Roll Chimney Top Pot Buff
  15. Knowles 375mm Roll Top Chimney Pot Red
  16. Knowles 300mm Roll Top Chimney Pot Buff
  17. Knowles 300mm Roll Top Chimney Pot Red
  18. Knowles Bonnet Hood 185mm Spigot Red
  19. Knowles Gas Flue Terminal Cowl Red
  20. Knowles Flue Vent Buff 185mm Spigot
  21. Knowles Flue Vent Red 185mm Spigot
  22. Jackdaw Black Chimney Guard
  23. Knowles Gas Flue Terminal Cowl Buff
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