VELUX Blinds

We offer an extensive range of specially designed blinds for VELUX Roof Windows including their flat roof windows. VELUX have designed roman, pleated, roller and blackout blinds which are available by manual, electric or solar powered operation in a wide range of colours and designs.

VELUX Accessories vary from lining Kits and vapour barriers to insulation collars and telescopic rods. All designed to complement your VELUX product perfectly and to maximise its efficiency and benefits.

Which VELUX Blind do I need?

The right VELUX blind can transform your room, whether it is a living room, kitchen, master suite or child’s bedroom. To make sure you get the best VELUX blind for your window make sure you take into account these 4 considerations;

1. VELUX window type and size

To get the right fit you will need to know the size of the window that your blind will be attaching to. If you are buying a Blind with a new VELUX window this information will be included in the product description, if however you are purchasing for an existing VELUX window you will need to find out the windows type and size, this information can be located on the windows data plate

The VELUX data plate can be found on the top edge of the roof window when you open it.




4.Production Code

The illustration shows a VELUX window typesign. Typesigns differ in appearance depending on the model of your window. Most roof window manufacturers include a type sign like this on their windows that shows the window type and size. To order a blind you will need to know the Window type and window size. E.g. GGL MK08 in the illustration above.

Can't find the code for your VELUX roof window?

If for some reason the type sign is missing on your VELUX roof window, you can use this size chart to find the size code for your window.

Window Year55 x 70cm55 x 78cm55 x 98cm55 x 118cm78 x 98cm66 x 118cm70 x 118cm78 x 118cm78 x 140cm134 x 98cm94 x 140cm114 x 118cm94 x 98cm94 x 160cm134 x 140cm
Current Range CK01 CK02 CK04 CK06 MK04 FK06 MK06 MK08 UK04 PK08 SK06 PK04 PK10 UK08
2002-2013 C01 C02 C04 C06 M04 F06 M06 M08 U04 P08 S06 P04 P10 U08
1992-2001 102 104 304 206 306 308 804 606 410 808
Before 1992 9 6 1 5 2 7 4 3 8

2. Blind type

Roman, pleated, roller or blackout blinds? Each VELUX Blind type has different qualities so consider which room your blind will be for to optimise the blinds unique attributes.

VELUX blind for bathroom

Roof windows can fill any bathroom with an abundance of natural light and fresh air. Extra daylight gives the room a more open, spacious feel and these high-moisture areas benefit from ventilation through the roof.

But whether you are getting dressed for the day or relaxing in the bath, privacy is just as important as natural light in the bathroom – and thats why VELUX original blinds are essential. Easy-to-clean blinds such as Venetian blinds are a great way to add extra privacy.

VELUX blind for bedrooms

The perfect bedroom is a place where you can relax. Roof windows help you do just that by creating a bright, airy setting and ensure a healthy indoor climate. To get the most out of your roof windows, you need to be able to adjust the incoming light – or black it out entirely for a good night’s sleep.

Keep the temperatures comfortable during summer through optimal heat protection from the outside of the window with a VELUX awning blind or ensure fresh air without the company of bugs thanks to a VELUX insect screen.

Flat Roof Blinds

Use VELUX blinds for flat roof windows when you need light control, heat protection or a decorative touch to your home.

3. Operation method

Choose between manual or automatic operation. Always consider electrically-operated products for out-of-reach areas.

4. Colour

VELUX blinds are available in an extensive range of exciting colours and designs


Are velux blinds easy to fit?

We all want an easy installation process when it comes to household jobs. The VELUX Pick & Click System makes blind installation simple, you don’t need to be a DIY expert to get great results.

How to Install

Fitting your VELUX blind with the pick and click method could not be easier! Start by simply securing the top of your new VELUX blind into the pre-installed bracket that you will see on your VELUX window.

Once the top of your blind is installed, you can secure side rails to either side of the window frame using the screws and brackets provided. Stress-free, beautiful blinds at the click of a bracket; saving you time and energy to enjoy your temperature and light controlled home with VELUX.

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