Bitumen Boilers & Boiler Accessories

For all sorts of industry demands, bitumen boilers are an excellent choice. Robustly constructed and available in a wide range of sizes.

Our bitumen boilers come with the essential accessories including a burner, hose, and regulator. Here at Burton Roofing Merchants Ltd we stock a wide range of bitumen boilers and accessories to suit all needs. If you need a new boiler or replacement accessory for your existing one, then browse the products available below. If you don’t find the product you are looking for then please send us your enquiry.

Find Essential Bitumen Boiler Accessories

Everything from a propane hose including crimps to a tar bowl and many more Bitumen boiler accessories are for sale in our online store. Should the existing burner for your bitumen boiler have broken or be faulty for whatever reason, then you can easily pick up a replacement version here online.

Additional accessories including galvanised buckets, small and large tar ladles and more are all available as well. These can be used along with a new armoured or propane hose to improve your boiler’s efficiency or make it easier to look after. All such options are excellent additions or replacements for using and maintaining bitumen boilers. 

Order Online

Place your order for bitumen boilers and accessories online and if the products are in stock we’ll aim to deliver them within 2 to 3 working days. With a quick look through all the available boilers and accessories, you’ll soon find products that meet your needs.

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  1. Impact Boiler Burner Jet Unit & Holder
  2. Quick Release Hose Connector
  3. Propane Hose Clip
    Propane Hose Clip
    £0.78 £0.65
  4. 8mm Propane Hose Inc Crimps 5m
  5. Large Tar Ladle
    Large Tar Ladle
    £23.75 £19.79
  6. Small Tar Ladle
    Small Tar Ladle
    £18.35 £15.29
  7. Tar Bowl
    Tar Bowl
    £20.95 £17.46
  8. Bitumen Boiler
    Bitumen Boiler
    £314.96 £262.47
  9. Galvanised V Lipped Steel Pouring Bucket
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