Loft Ladders

At Burton Roofing Merchants we understand that once you’ve got the perfect loft space, getting in and out of it safely and with ease is the next aim. That’s why we supply a wide range of different loft access doors and ladders, from all of the leading brand manufacturers for you to choose from. High quality loft access doors are essential for safely getting in and out of your loft space, choosing the correct one can contribute to cutting costs and making your home much more energy efficient overall.

Additionally, once your loft space is easily accessible it will become a much more useful space within your home. Fully draught sealed, with contemporary designs, all of our loft doors are compliant with building regulations making them the perfect choice for your loft today.

Buy Loft Ladders Online with Us

Our Manthorpe loft ladders are the ideal accompaniment to a new loft door and provide an easy and convenient way to get in and out of your loft, without taking up too much space. Take a look at our selection of different loft ladders and attic stairs below to find the ideal loft stairs for you.

When you buy your loft stairs and loft access doors online with us at Burton Roofing Merchants, you’ll benefit from great prices on all the top name brands and our speedy delivery service means your new loft stairs should be with you within 2 to 3 days after ordering.

Wooden folding section loft ladder

LWZ Plus, LWK Komfort and LWF 45 Loft Ladders

Wooden folding highly insulated loft ladders

LWT and LTK Energy Loft Ladders

Metal folding section loft ladders

LMS Smart, LMK Komfort and LML Lux Loft Ladders

Scissors loft ladders

LST LSZ and LSF Loft Ladders

L-shaped combination door

DWK, DWF and DWT Combination doors.

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  1. Handrail LXH 106/9
    Handrail LXH 106/9
    £57.34 £47.78
  2. Handrail LXH 65/14
    Handrail LXH 65/14
    £57.34 £47.78
  3. LWZ 280 70x140 Loft Ladder
  4. LWT-280 70x140 Loft Ladder
  5. LWL-305 Piston Loft Ladder 70x140
  6. LWK-280 Komfort Loft Ladder 70x120
  7. LWK-280 Komfort Loft Ladder 70x100
  8. LWK-280 Komfort Loft Ladder 70x94
  9. LWK-280 Komfort Loft Ladder 60x111
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