Supplier Updates

Product availability and the price of materials are of paramount concerns to Burton Roofing Merchants and that of our customers, and while we strive to do everything we can to ensure consistent supplies and keep prices competitive we are regularly advised by our suppliers of price increases and shortages on items you purchase.

To help you plan in advance we will be providing regular updates of these scheduled price increases and any shortages. These increases and shortages will be included with your monthly invoice, and display the scheduled price increase with the effective month. Increases will also be included on this web page for quick reference.

Price increases

Date           Supplier                          Range                                   Increase          
01/02/22 A PROCTOR Various Products  8-10%
01/02/22 BIKA All products  PRICED
01/02/22 CEMBRIT Smooth Fibre Cement Slates   8.5%
01/02/22 CEMBRIT Textured Fibre Cement Slates     6.0%
01/02/22 CEMBRIT Fibre Cement Ridge & Hip Tiles    5.0%
01/02/22 CEMBRIT Soffit strips  10.0%
01/02/22 CEMBRIT Accessories  10.0%
01/02/22 CEMBRIT Facade & Building Boards  5.0%
01/02/22 CEMBRIT Plank & Accessories  10.0%
01/02/22 Clow Group  Various products  10.0%
01/02/22 DRABSET UK All products 
01/02/22 EXTEX Eternit  5.0%
01/02/22 EXTEX Cedral  5%- 7.5%
01/02/22 Forticrete  Various Products  7.5%- 9.5%
01/02/22 MANTHORPE  All products  PRICED 




Membranes PRICED
01/02/22 Res-Tec Various Products  % & £
01/02/22 Swish  Kayflow rainwater & drainage  6.0%
01/02/22 Swish  All other products  9.0%
01/02/22 Tyne Isnualtion  Superglass all products  14.5%
01/02/22 Tyne Isnualtion  Rock wool all products  15.5%
01/02/22 Tyne Isnualtion  Guardian Cavity Stop Socks and Fire Barriers       12.0%
01/02/22 Tyne Isnualtion  Total comfort fire wire reinforced fire barrier  10.0%
01/02/22 U VALUE  Various Products  8.9%- 14.8%
01/02/22 Velux  All products  5.35- 12.2%
04/02/22 Floplast  All products   16.5%
07/02/22 DEKS  All products  PRICED 
13/02/22 Soprema Various Products  8%- 20%
14/02/22 Brett Martin  Various products  5%- 17%
21/02/22 Tyne insulation  Isover Spacesaver/ Cladding  14.5%
21/02/22 Tyne insulation Isover plotherm  18.0%
21/02/22 Tyne insulation Isover other products  13.5%

Current Issues affecting material supply

  • Timber shortages | Due to increased global demand from countries such as America, Canada and the UK’s own growth plans demand is swiftly outstripping supply causing knock on affects to price and availability. To learn more about the timber shortage please read here.
  • Concrete Tile production | The construction industry is still playing catch up after production stopped at the beginning of the first lockdown in 2020, however, subsequent increased demand from the housing and renovation sectors has created a compounded level of demand that is taking suppliers a long time to catch up causing lead times to increase greatly.
  • Raw Materials | Due to the world-wide shortage of the polymer used to make polyurethane, VELUX cannot supply any polyurethane window until at least the end of July. please check with your local depot for stock levels.
  • Microchip VELUX | A global shortage of semiconductors has also impacted all VELUX Integra accessory products and caused delays in production and delivery during the second half of 2021. Until now, the VELUX Group have been able to ensure sufficient supply of microchips to meet demands for VELUX Integra products, a subcategory of roof windows and accessory products which are operated electrically. However, as the shortage has started to impact more and more companies across industries, the situation has intensified and now affects all suppliers of microchips who will not be able to deliver sufficient components during the second half of 2021.
  • Brexit | Due to Brexit the lead time for imported materials has increased with the haulage industry suffering unprecedented times with both increased costs and driver shortages impacting their ability. We remain committed to working with our strategic haulage partners to ensure we have products available.
  • COVID | Though construction continued throughout the COVID lockdowns, there has been a detrimental effect in output across construction and manufacturing.

Best practices in the current climateGiven the current climate, we would advise the following best practices;

  • Order early | If possible, order your materials earlier than you would normally do.
  • Plan for the entire project | Our team has the knowledge to make sure you get everything that you need ordered in advance.
  • Consider alternatives | In most cases we source products from multiple suppliers and will often have alternatives available, get in touch to find out more.

If you have any questions, or need advice, please call your local depot or our customer support team on 0800 124 443 or contact your local depot today.