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Xtratherm - XtraFall Taper System

XtraFall Taper System

The XtraFall Taper System manufactured by Xtratherm provides the designer and contractor with a precise, technically excellent solution to providing thermal insulation and bespoke drainage on flat roofing that avoids water retention and consequent damage in traditional flat roofs.

The factory-formed single layer system, manufactured under the highest ISO quality standards provides the quality assurance that is more difficult to achieve with on-site built-up systems.


Xtratherm offer a comprehensive range of high performance PIR Flat Roof insulation boards that includes the XF range of tapered insulation, providing comprehensive solutions for all flat roof projects whatever the choice of waterproofing system, with the highest environmental scoring within the ’BRE Green Guide’ and available with Factory Mutual. Our extensive range of high performance PIR foam insulation products with unique performance characteristics has been engineered to meet any project specification. The XF system is supported by a range of ancillary products, designed to ensure continuous thermal insulation and complete roof drainage. These products are exclusive to the XtraFall system.

Xtratherm XF/ALU

Tapered insulation for mechanically fixed single ply waterproofing system:

  •  Alumium faced rigid PIR
  • Thermal Conductivity 0.022 W/mk
  • LPC/FM Approved
  • Compatible with Single Ply Waterproofing Systems

Xtratherm XF/BGM

Tapered insulation for Bonded, Torched-on, Built-up Bituminous Felt Systems:

  • Bituminous faced rigid PIR
  • Thermal Conductivity as low as 0.024 W/mk
  • Compatible with most Bituminous based roofing systems


Xtratherm XF/MG

Tapered insulation for Single Ply Fully Adhered / Partially Bonded Built-up Felt Systems:

  • Mineral glass tissue faced rigid PIR
  • Thermal Conductivity as low as 0.024 W/mk
  • Compatible with Adhesively Bonded/Mechanically Fixed Single Ply Roofing Membranes laid on Mechanically Fixed Boards.


Xtratherm Ancillary Products

These pre-cut and factory fabricated components enhance the contouring of water channeling at detailing and mid valley positions to provide an unparalleled solution to removing standing water. The Plus range of components are only available as part of an XtraFall designed solution and not as separate components.

Mitred-Boards Prefabricated ridge / valley mitred-boards. Design and thickness to suit every situation.

Roof Drainage Crickets The quick answer to localised roof drainage. Up to 2.4m long available ex-stock. Other sizes to order.

Angle Fillets Prefaced with bitumen tissue for full bond to felts. Will fit to gussets without specific fixing.

RWO Sumps Pre-cut for easy installation and fixing. Will suit all XtraFall thicknesses.

CoverPlus A roof protector board to prevent impact damage to the waterproof membrane

Technical Info
Technical Info

Manufacture: Xtratherm

XtraFall Features

  • Highest Performance Rigid PIR Insulation
  • Practical Solution: flat roof insulation and drainage in a Single System
  • A cost effective solution to creating drainage falls with excellent U-Values
  • Factory bonded components manufactured to precision tolerances
  • Factory made quality assured single component system
  • Quality Assurance of mechanical properties of component bonding
  • Pre-mitred, hips, valleys and extensive range of accessory pieces
  • Rigid, lightweight material accepting maintenance traffic
  • Suitable for new and existing flat roofs 
  • Green Guide A Rated product
  • BRE Assured Technical Team