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A revolutionary new tool for cutting slate fixings with ease, ROOF-TOOF is a saw specifically designed for clean-cut slate removal.

A great companion to the slate ripper, ROOF-TOOF offers an innovative approach when dealing with slate coverings which are fragile, hard to reach or in a confined space like up against gutters or around chimneys, valleys or gullies.

With a flexible 24tpi bimetallic blade, nails can be neatly cut flush above the batten reducing disturbance and risk of damage to surrounding slates. This makes it suitable not only for general use, but ideal when working on old roofs or listed buildings where extra caution is vital.

Unlike a slate ripping tool, ROOF-TOOF cuts, rather than rips the nail from the batten. Sawing rather than ripping eliminates possible damage to the battens and surrounding area that can be caused by hammering vibrations. This technique also removes the risk of bent nails, which could lead to cracked tiles and further problems when fitting the new slate.

ROOF-TOOF allows users to disturb but not damage a roof. For jobs where it€™s crucial to preserve the original slate, for example when replacements are hard to source, cutting the existing slate free eliminates the risk of breaking a valuable slate.

  • Clean-cut nail removal
  • No damage to slate or batten
  • Flexible blade for hard to reach slates near gutters
  • Soft grip handle
  • Labour and material cost saving
  • Easy to use with one hand
Technical Info
Technical Info
Dimensions (mm) 550 x 30
Thickness (mm) 2.6
Weight (kg) 390grams
Composition Bimetallic steel blade with 24tpi teeth for precision cuts