Conservatory roof replacement with lightweight Britmet roofing tiles

Most traditional conservatories are built with a glass or polycarbonate roof. Is this the reason why many of us don’t enjoy sitting in there all year round? After having a conservatory built and decorated, we enjoy it in the summer (until it gets too hot!) and then shut the doors on it through the winter as it gets chilly. The choice of roofing material inevitably contributes to these common conservatory problems.

When making home improvements often conservatories are overlooked. With Britmet Lightweight roofing your conservatory becomes a more intrinsic part of your home. Britmet are the only British manufacturer of lightweight systems on the market. Their unique make-up, consisting of solid tiles and layers of insulating material, boasts a number of benefits over other materials used for conservatory roofs.


The advantages of Britmet roofing tiles:

  • Energy efficiency

Maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year!

Changing your glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof to one made of solid tiles and layers of insulating material means that you are able to relax in your conservatory all year round as it’ll limit harsh sunlight entering the room as well as help to regulate the temperature. Furthermore, a solid tiled roof can provide a high standard of energy efficiency which is great for keeping you warm. No need to turn up the heating!


  • Long lasting, low maintenance

A solid tiled roof requires little maintenance and you’ll have a durable and long lasting solution. To keep it in great condition, it would still benefit from cleaning every now and again - especially in the autumn to get rid of leaves and other debris.

  • Big transformation, little hassle

Replace your conservatory roof without affecting any other part of the walls, doors or windows. This means there should be very little disruption to you and your family!

The more permanent appearance of a solid roof might also encourage you to use the conservatory more. And, thanks to the insulating properties, you’ll be able to use the room for whatever you want; a home office, kitchen extension or simply a second living area. Your conservatory will feel like new again, instead of an afterthought.

Britmet's lightweight roof tiles are authentic and provide a close match  to the existing roof of your home. They come is six vibrant colours. The lightweight systems look just like traditional British roofing materials. Whether you have slates or flat concrete tiles, small plain tiles or profiled concrete tiles: there’s the profile to match your existing roof, meaning you’ll struggle to notice a difference.


Britmet’s lightweight roof tile range of British profiles are available in a range of six colours in a granulated finish:

  • The Profile 49  gives the appearance of a Redland 49 tile or a Ludlow Major concrete tile.

  • The Slate 2000 gives both the look of the traditional and manmade slates and also the aspect of a large flat concrete tile like the Marley Modern.

  • The Plaintile is a direct replacement to any concrete or clay plain tile.

  • Villatile has the aesthetics of a Marley concrete double Roman tile.

If you are looking to match the shape of an interlocking concrete pantile, the Pantile 2000 tile effect sheet, with a textured finish is the product for you.


Why not bring your ideas to life: invest in a conservatory roof replacement today and reap the benefits for years to come! Installation guides are available on Britmet's Youtube channel here.


Please note: Britmet Lightweight roof tile systems are also suitable for: garages, outhouses, extensions. Whether you are converting flat roofs to pitched, creating non-traditional housing, pre-fabricated buildings, holiday accommodation or even over roofing these tiles will provide a stunning solution. Please contact us with any queries in Depot or via our LiveChat function.