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'How to' Advice

  1. U-Values and Building Regulations for Insulating your Home
  2. CUPA's Official Guide to Fixing Slates
  3. Winter Safety Campaign
  4. Installing Edilians Imerys Roof Tiles in Compliance With BS 5534 Standards
  5. Buying Guide: Discontinued and Reclaimed Tiles
  6. Top tips for GRP winter roofing from Cure It
  7. How do you install a breather membrane?
  8. A 5 step ladder check for optimal safety before climbing
  9. Top tips for your ridges and hips
  10. A Guide to the Grading of Natural Slate
  11. A Guide to Installing Cedar Shingles
  12. How to fix natural slate roof tiles: a course with CUPA PIZARRAS

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