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Comax KLIK Standing Seam System


This product is priced per application only and will require full set of roof elevation drawings for our supplier to be able to work out an estimate for you.

This is only cost effective when the project is 40-50m2 and upwards. If the project is smaller than this we can reccomend alternatives for you to have a look at

COMAX KLIK roofing system, which nowadays thanks to the shape and variability of the appearance is a very desirable solution for covering the surfaces of roofs and facades of all tyes of buildings. This standing seam roofing features a simple and fast assembly that does not require a high level of craftsman- ship. Thanks to the easy fit system that simply involves snapping one connection over another, it can effectively reduce the assembly costs. The fittings are completely hidden under the roofing, when the first sheet is fastened and the second one simply covers and snaps over the wafer head screws. For higher altitude areas with an altitude above 600 m.a.s.l. it is advisable to use a COMAX KLIK 38 profile that will secure the roof against the possibility of rising rainwater from any snow that may fall.

The roofing is produced according to the assembly plan, tailor-made to the roof, with all sheets supplied cut exactly to length, meaning minimal wastage. COMAX KLIK is suitable for wall cladding, and can be used on the roof down to a minimum pitch of 5 degrees. The roofing is laid on a plank-decking, or solid OSB type decking, or in the case of a steel variant, on a 40 x 60 mm battens, with respect to the roof pitch, purpose, and location of the building. In order to ensure the proper functionality of the roof we supply all standard and non-standard flashings elements and fastenings.

An easy to fit, lightweight zinc effect standing seam system, available in aluminium with warranties up to 60 years.

  • Minimum pitch of 5 degrees
  • All Flashings and fixings supplied
  • Only 2.5kg per sqm
  • Market Leading warranties
  • All materials cut to fit your build, zero waste
  • approx 3-4 working week lead time
  • Simple hidden fitting system which "click" together

For use on roofs and facades of family houses, bungalows, commercial buildings, industrial buildings.

Technical Info
Technical Info

Sheet metal roofing description

Comax KLIK 25 is made of aluminum alloy, subsequently treated with organic coating according to EN 1396 Aluminium and aluminium alloys - Coil coated sheet and strip for general applications - Specifications.
Comax KLIK 25 is manufactured in accordance with EN 14783 Fully supported metal sheet and strip for roofing, external cladding and internal lining – Product specification and requirements.
Comax KLIK 25 has a great usage as a roofing and a cladding.

Material thickness 0,70 mm
Material grade AlMn1Mg0,5
Surface treatment

Top coat PUR/PA 45-55 μm, back coat PES 7 μm

Shade Derived from RAL scale with shade correction according to own standards
Cover width

495 mm

Length 600 – 8000 mm
Weight  2,29kg / m2
Packing Pallete
Mechanical properties

Tensile strength Rm 145 - 195 MPa

Thermal expansion 24*10-6K-1


Metal waste is recyclable and does not pollute the environment.

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