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Silicone Pro 5Ltr


Silicone Pro roof coating is a neutral curing silicone based liquid for the sealing of damaged flat roofs; including bitumen, asphalt, built-up roofing felt, PVC, GRP, and concrete.


  • Repair coating for damaged roof
  • Suitable for most roofing substrates
  • including concrete, metal, GRP, Bitumen, asphalt.
  • One component - Neutral cure
  • Fast and easy to apply
  • Fast curing time
  • Waterproofing
  • Brush/Roller
Technical Info

Estimated Delivery Time:  2-3 Working Days

Technical Info
Skin Time at 20 º C/65 % RH: 60 - 90 minutes

Coverage (dependent upon
porosity of substrate):

Approximately 1 Litre per square

Application Temperature: + 5 º C to + 35 º C
Service Temperature: - 60 º C to + 150 º C
Cure Rate at 20 º C/65 % RH: 1 - 2mm/24 hours
Chemical Resistance:

Resistant to most dilute acids and
alkalis. Organic solvents may
cause the sealant to swell and lose


Silicone Pro roof coating does not
support combustion. It will burn
when subjected to intense heat, but
will cease burning when the heat
is removed.

UV Resistance: Excellent
Service Life: 25 years+


  • Roof area must be clean, dry and free from all contamination.The surfaces should be degreased using the appropriate cleaner.
  • Apply the repair liquid by both pouring and spreading to completely cover the damaged area, or by applying generously with a brush or a roller.
  • Primers may be required on some substrates. It is recommended that our Technical Department should be consulted and advice   obtained with regard to the choice of primer for specific purposes.
  • Seal containers when not in use.
  • Where possible use opened tins within the working day.


Due to the nature of this product it can become slippery when wet. It is not recommended that the coating is walked upon after rainfall.

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