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Resitrix SKW Self Adhesive EPDM 10m x 1m


The Resitrix ® SKW Fully Bonded membrane is self adhesive when applied to a surface which has been fully primed with FG35 Resitrix ® Primer or when applied to an exposed or fresh bitumen substrate only.  It can also be applied by hot air weld based on the synthetic rubber EPDM with a glass fibre liner. The self adhesive underlay is protected by a detachable release film.

This root resistant membrane can be applied beneath roof gardens (intensive, extensive or biodiverse greenery) and living roof systems of any kind to create "living on the roof" spaces.

RESITRIX ® can be installed directly  over existing felt if the substrate area is as follows;

  • Dry, sound and flat.
  • Free from dust, grease, frost and dew.
  • Is without tension or  blisters
  • Smooth and clean
  • Fully Bonded self adhesive membrane
  • Can be heat welded
  • Root  resistant for living roof systems
  • Can be laid directly onto glass fibre faced insulation boards
  • It can overlay existing felt if conditions are met
  • 20 year materials guarantee
  • 50 year life expectancy