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Forticrete Centurion Low Pitch Roof Tile Grey


When tiling at low pitches is necessary the Forticrete Centurion tile should be considered.   It €™s innovative design and striking appearance leads to roof pitch pitches as low as 12.5 º as standard.   On simple roof designs it is possible to install this tile as low as 10 º when the specifications within Forticretes literature is followed.

  • Roof pitches as low as 10 º can be covered  
  • Discrete Tile Clips for installation
  • 60 year guarantee
  • Available in 5 colours
  • A range of dry fix products is available  
Technical Info
Technical Info
Min Pitch 10 º
Min Headlap 100mm
Max Headlap 110mm
Batten at Max guage 285mm
Tiles per m2   17.5/m ² at 100mm headlamp
Weight as laid per m2 50kg/m ²
Battens per m2 3.85lm/m ²
Batten size 38 x 25mm upto 450mm;   50 x 25mm from 450 - 600mm centres
Nails for clips 50 x 3.35mm Nails


When the pitch is 10 º-12.4 º the rafter length must not exceed 5m.   Over 12.5 º the rafter length can be a maximum of 10m.

Centurion  Brochure

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Forticrete Roofing Pocket Guide

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