Artificial Slate

Artificial Slate

At Burton Roofing Merchants, we stock a wide range of artificial slate roofing tiles that are perfect for repairing your existing roof or installing into a new sloping roof. Our stocked ranges include; Eternit Thrutones, Eternit Garsdales, Cembrit Jutlands, Redland Cambrians, Sandtoft Rivius and SVK Ardonit.

What are artificial slate tiles made of?

The most common types of artificial slate are; fibre cement and composite slate.

Fibre Cement Slates are manufactured using cement together with a non-asbestos formulation of blended synthetic and cellulose fibres. The slates are pigmented during production and are fully compressed. Due to being completely manufactured fibre cement slates are completely uniformal and are a fraction of the weight of natural slate. Select ranges offer textured finishes and a range of colours allowing for a similar aesthetic of natural slate tiles at a lower cost.

Composite or synthetic roofing slates

are made of a mixture of commonly used roofing materials this can include materials such as fiberglass, recycled slate, cement and asphalt. Like fibre cement slates, composite slates are manufactured to have uniformal sizes and often come in a range of textures and colours.

How to cut fibre cement slate tiles

Fibre cement Slates should be scored using a scribing tool and snapped over a straight edge. Slates can be cut using a normal handsaw/hacksaw with teeth of 3mm - 3.5mm pitch, preferably wide set.

How to lay artificial slate roof tiles

The installation for artificial slates will vary, always consult the manufacturers guidelines. The typical build up of an artificial slate roof ; breathable membrane, roof batten , and artificial slate roof tiles. Please note the rules and regulations on how to slate a roof will depend on your location. You must always check the rules and regulations for your specific region.

why is artificial slate used for roof tiles

Modern in appearance Artificial slate roof tiles are often smoother and uniform in appearance, compared to natural slate where every tile is unique. This can often be appealing to newbuilds where at uniformal look is desired. Artificial Slate can often be used for it ability to reach low pitches. Due to its lightweight composition select ranges are able to go down to much lower pitches, providing a solution to low pitch roofs and extensions.

What is the minimum pitch for an artificial slate roof?

A minimum roof pitch of 20º was traditionally recommended for slate roof tiles, however with the advance in technology some slate effect tiles can suit pitches as low as 15º, so often artificial slate is the only choice for some homes wanting a slate roof.

Buy Artificial Slate with Burton Roofing today

Burton Roofing is a trusted supplier of Artificial Slate in the UK. We have over 35 years of experience in the trade and a Trustpilot rating of ‘Excellent’ based on hundreds of independent customer reviews. You can rely on us to provide high quality Artificial slate products at the right price.

With free delivery in selected areas, read more about our delivery rates or use our delivery estimate tool when you go through the checkout process. Feel free to call us on 0800 124 4431 for more advice on Artificial slate.

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