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Redland 415wp PV InDax Adapt Solar Panel


PV InDaX Adapt

High-Performance In-Roof Solar System

The PV InDaX Adapt in-roof photovoltaic system is a high-performance solar system that offers a sleek, weathertight design and the flexibility to meet the needs of any project.


  • Proven crystalline technology for high output performance
  • Flexibility in format and module specification
  • Modules that can be installed to the edge of the roof for maximum flexibility
  • Rigorously tested to verify performance for UK projects
  • Compliant with MCS 005 AND MCS 012 certification
  • Fire-tested to UK-specific standards
  • Compliant with all relevant building regulations
  • Low overall system height with modules mounted in attractive black coated aluminium framing
  • Safe, flexible and quick assembly
  • Wide pitch range capability
  • Maximum energy yield
  • Weathertight and resistant to high wind uplift
  • Fully MCS and BBA certified
  • 25-year power output guarantee


  • Generate your own clean, renewable energy
  • Reduce your reliance on grid power
  • Save money on your energy bills
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Make a positive contribution to the environment

The PV InDaX Adapt in-roof photovoltaic system is the perfect solution for homeowners and businesses who are looking for a high-performance, stylish, and environmentally friendly solar solution.

Technical Info
Technical Info
Power Output 415Wp
Solar Cells per Module 108
Cell Type Monocrystalline
Front Panel AR Coated Heat
Strengthened Glass
Backside Panel Laminated Thermoplastic
Framing Black Polypropylene
Module Dimensions 1724 x 1134mm
Module Thickness 30mm (approx)
Weight 21.5kg (approx)
Format Available in Portrait format