Roof Insulation Rolls

Insulation roll is one of the most versatile materials available to boost the thermal or acoustic performance of your home.

Whether you want to keep warm and comfortable in winter months, reduce your heating bills, do your bit for the environment or simply add value to your house, our roll insulation gets the job done.

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What is insulation roll used for?

As one of the most versatile insulation options, insulation roll has a variety of uses, yet the most important function is simple: keeping your home at the right temperature.

Insulation rolls help to insulate your home so that you can keep the heat in during the winter and out during summer months. The thermal properties of insulation rolls make them one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce heating loss and, importantly, heating bills.

But that’s not all. As well as keeping your home toasty, insulation can be useful if you want to minimise noise pollution – ideal if your property is on a busy road or near a school.

How does insulation work?

Insulation rolls work by slowing heat flow. Naturally, heat flows from warmer parts of your home to cooler ones, until your home is the same temperature throughout. Although this sounds great in principle, it also means that you’ll end up inadvertently heating the parts of your home that you don’t want heated – like your attic, for example.

Insulation works by reducing the heat flow in your home. By doing this, you’ll trap the heat in where and when you want it. This is how roll insulation drastically reduces your heating bills.

What is insulation made from?

Ordinarily, roll insulation is made from mineral or glass wool. However, it’s not uncommon for it to also be made of sheep’s wool. The type that you choose will greatly depend on what you’re looking to achieve but also on your budget.

At Burton Roofing, we stock the following:

Where can I insulate?

Pretty much wherever you like! Our loft and wall insulation rolls are extremely versatile forms of insulation, making them perfect for virtually any areas of the home.

You may wish to insulate:

  • Roof rafters
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Windows and doors

For optimum results, it’s usually recommended to insulate all the above. However, if you must choose between them, your home tends to lose the most heat from walls, closely followed by the roof. You tend to lose the least amount of heat through your doors, so, if you must pick and choose, insulating your walls and roof is a good place to start.

What are the benefits of insulation rolls?

1.    Reduced energy costs

As less heat will be able to escape from your home, you’ll find yourself less inclined to crank up the heating. The bottom line? Much cheaper energy bills.

2.    Better heat efficiency

If you leave your house uninsulated, you may be shocked to know that you could be losing up to a quarter of all heat from your roof.

If your house is poorly insulated – or, worse, not insulated at all – you’ll see a huge difference in its heat efficiency.

3.    A worthwhile investment

Although there might be some initial outlay on renovations, the money you’ll save on your heating bills will pay itself back time and time again. As insulation roll is guaranteed for up to 40 years, you’ve got plenty of time to make your money back – as long as it’s installed properly, that is!

4.    Easy installation

One of the beauties of insulation roll, for both for professionals and DIY-ers, is that it’s quick and easy to install. Insulation rolls are one of the easiest forms of insulation to install, so most DIY amateurs should be able to carry out the process if they have the right tools to hand.

So roll up your sleeves – it’s time to dust off the tool box and get to work!

5.    Reduced noise pollution

If you live by a busy road, school or playground, you’ll be pleased to know that insulation rolls reduce noise pollution.

As our insulation rolls take the brunt of the noise by absorbing sound, you’ll be able to live, work and play peacefully.

6.    You’ll help to save the planet

As you’ll be using less energy to keep your house warm, you’ll consequently be using fewer fossil fuels. And fewer fossil fuels means less pollution!

What types of insulation roll are there?

At Burton Roofing, we stock six types of insulation rolls in a range of sizes and thicknesses. Whether you’re looking for soft wool insulation rolls to insulate your loft, affordable fibreglass insulation roll to insulate cavity walls or roll insulation suitable for joists, we’ve got just what you need for the job in our range.

Our durable insulation comes in varying thickness from 50mm to 140mm, depending on whether you need a touch-up or an overhaul.

At Burton Roofing, we stock the following:

  • Wool insulation rolls – These are a natural yet super-efficient way to insulate your home. As the blend of wool and recycled fibres is so dense, it’s ideal if space is at a premium. Because it’s so thick, it also performs equally well as sound insulation in walls, floors and rooves.
  • Fibreglass insulation rolls – One of the most popular insulation rolls, fibreglass insulation rolls are known for their thermal properties. Posing no fire risk, this is one of the safest choices to insulate your home.
  • Glass mineral insulation rolls – Ideal for insulating between joists and in rafters, these tough, robust, and flexible rolls are efficient and quick to install.
  • Sound insulation rolls – Lightweight yet practical, our acoustic insulation rolls are ideal for soundproofing between walls, timber, stud walls and floors. Our 25mm acoustic insulation rolls are non-combustible and breathable.

What thickness of insulation do I need?

According to government guidelines, insulation should be between 250mm and 270mm – however, it’s not uncommon for new-build developments to have even more.

How much insulation you already have will dictate how much you need and what thickness it should be.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or simply topping up what you have, we’ve got insulation that’ll fit the bill. For more information on insulating your home, read our handy guide.

Trust Burton Roofing for roll insulation that lasts

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