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Lindab Coverline SRP25N Click Standing Seam


With Lindab Coverline you get a roof that looks like a classic seam roof. You do not need any special abilities; it takes little time to install the roof profiles. Lindab SRP 25N is recommended down to a 12 ° pitched roof, will fit most types of roof and is particularly suitable for roofs with few obstacles.


Lindab SRP25N is available in several different colours in the market most tried and tested coating system. HB Polyester is a durable coating that has high colour resistance, good corrosion protection and resists scratches well. The coating system is ideal for harsh environments.

Lindab Coverline SRP25N in brief:

  • Elegant and strong,
  • Suitable for both older and newer houses,
  • Easy to install,
  • Comes with all the accessories you need,
  • High quality finish with minimal maintenance,
  • Compatible with Lindab Solar Roof TM
  • Choose from a range of colours.

With the Lindab Coverline you simply click the profiles together with no need for special tools.