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Self Adhesive Flashing Strip 10m Tape


Self Adhesive 10m Flashing tape is a highly durable andstrong tape,manufactured withan aluminium foil backand bituminous coating. It provides a waterproof flashing for use on roofs, porches, conservatories as this self adhesive tape bonds securely to brick, concrete, wood, roof tiles, roofing felt and glass. As this self adhesive flashing is easy to install and cost effective it makes it the ideal lead alternative for emergency roof repairs.

Simply cut width offlashing you require, remove the paper backing and lightly press into place. Using a wallpaper roller, seam rolleror similar to ensure good even contact is made with the substrate and the surface.

Available in 100mm | 150mm | 225mm | 300mm | 450mm | 600mm widths. All rolls are 10m in length.

  • No specialist tools are necessary,it can be applied by simply pressing down with your hand
  • Forms a strong waterproof seal
  • Cost effective alternative to lead
  • Ideal for emergency roof repairs

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