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GGLS 2in1 White Painted Top Hung


Enjoy an easier way to get more daylight and fresh air into your room.

Made for rooms of 10m² and larger, the new 2in1 roof window fits perfectly in most small to medium rooms, doubling the daylight in one installation for stunning transformations.

The slim profiles of the 2in1 roof window bring in more daylight, open up the view to the outside and create a fabulous addition to your home.

Furthermore, it’s great value for money as it uses multiple roof windows in a single frame for a simple and more cost-effective installation.

Two windows, one installation

The unique design gives you the easiest and most cost-effective way to let more daylight into your room.

More daylight

Compared to a single roof window, the 2in1 increases daylight in your room by up to 249% for a much more spacious feel.

Aesthetic design

With a slim profile, you get a stylish look that maximises the amount of daylight entering the room.

Full heat protection program

A wide assortment of interior blinds and exterior heat protection accessories are available so you can maintain a comfortable temperature in your room all year round.

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