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ARP at Old Hay Lane

ARP at Old Hay Lane

In 2016 a stunning new home, a beautiful 4 bedroom residence in Dore on the West side of Sheffield was designed by DK Designs, a firm which has been established for 6 years and works with local developers from concept designs through to the final build on sites.

On the site where there had previously been a small bungalow, an imaginative, contemporary home has been created. The contractor, Kenny Johnson is a Burton Roofing Merchant’s customer who specialises in new builds and when it came down to the roof, understanding his client would want the best materials for the project, he knew just where to turn. Kenny showed plans of the house to our Sheffield Depot who suggested the H18 CUPA Slate because they were in keeping with the elegance and character of the area, their aesthetic and technical properties remain unaltered throughout their lifespan and they come with a 30 year guarantee.

The house has an impressive glass side elevation with the glazing sourced from Germany. Aluminium Roofline Products (ARP) was reccommended for the roofline, the benefits of the ARP range include the fact that ARP have their own in-house polyester powder coating facility - meaning that using the RAL colour code the roofline colour could be exactly matched to the glazing surrounds. Cast aluminium gutters have become the widely accepted alternative to cast iron and are now a first choice owing to their lightweight, corrosion resistant, low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing characteristics.

Andy Redshaw from ARP was happy to visit and perform a full site measure (taking into account the roofing structure and dimensions) and perform flow calculations to ensure the rainwater sizing is correct. If you want to calculate the correct size of gutters and downpipes yourself ARP have ‘Rainfall Calculator’ tool on their website.

A bespoke ‘Trueline’ fascia and soffit was chosen and manufactured to the exact dimensions of the project (in an anthracite grey colour) and a porch kit from ARP has added the final finishing touch.

Introducing ARP 

ARP have products to suit all of your aluminium and cast iron rainwater and roofline needs. The company is a family business and was founded 1987 - in a garage! But they’ve grown on the principles of providing strong service levels and good value, and are known as a specialist and successful manufacturer for projects in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

UK made to the Highest Standards 

They now have modern 30,000sq ft premises in Leicester employing over 50 staff which include an efficient in-house technical design team.  Over 30 years of experience, as well as the considerable investment made over the years in operating plant and Just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing, ensures that their technical knowledge e.g. 3D Computer-aided design (CAD) and manufacturing (CAM) capability is second to none. 

The in-house finishing plants for both cast iron and aluminium products means quality assurance from start to finish so that products are not only manufactured but coated to last.  You can choose between unfinished, primed or primed and painted.

Environmentally Conscious

Recognising the need to use sustainable materials in metal rainwater systems ARP make every effort to be environmentally conscious. Their cast iron and aluminium are not only highly recyclable, but are manufactured from a significant quantity of recycled material too. They also last longer, having a life expectancy in excess of 60 years, which means a reduction in landfill and fewer carbon emissions produced in the manufacture, transport and the refitting of replacements.


ARP introduced cast iron gutters, pipes and fittings to its product portfolio in 2014. These traditionally manufactured rainwater goods enable customers to develop and refurbish heritage properties to the desired aesthetic look and in accordance with more rigid listed and conservation building requirements.

If you’d like to know more about ARP products or would like us to quote for your requirements please contact you nearest Burton Roofing Depot.