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Burlington Random Slate used on St Pauls Church Manningham

Burlington Random Slate used on St Pauls Church Manningham

Ploughcroft Roofing undertake Burlington Random Slate on their latest project in Manningham


About the project;

The project involved the conservation of St Pauls Church in Manningham Bradford.

As a restoration project it was essential that the material and process matched already on the roof. This called for Burlington Random Slate

Burlington natural slates from quarries in the heart of the English Lake District. They have a blue greyish hue and are a great medium for creating fascinating and striking roofscapes of distinction. 

Random Slating involves laying diminishing courses of Slate with the largest slates used at the eaves and gradually smaller sizes as you work up to the ridge. This tradition of laying slates in diminishing courses gives a pleasing visual perspective to the roof and is often used on church roofs.

Ploughcroft Roofing Random Slating  1 month timescale Proctor Roof Shield

Difficulties of the project

The main difficulty is working out the linear meterage of each type of slate, as Burlington don't provide set sizes as such all the slates have to sorted prior to starting. 

"It took us about two days to sort out the slate, from this we could work out how many linear metres of each slate we had and from that a graph could be drawn up to work out how many courses we would require."  - Carl of Ploughcroft Roofing

The project took a month to complete and the results are stunning, a great testament to Ploughcroft Roofing.

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