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InstaGrufe gets refreshed

InstaGrufe gets refreshed

Our main objective is to create awareness of the simple installation of this product. In an effort to familiarise customers to Green Roofing which can often seem alien, GrufeKit is simple to install and provides Roofer friendly systems that replicate traditional Roofing components. To highlight this we have re-branded our system to GrufeKit plus improved our technical installation support in an effort to emphasise it’s simplicity to Roofers.

  • Self-Install – No previous experience or specialist horticultural training neededLightweight
  • Each module is easily lifted and positioned by one person.
  • Pre-grown – Delivered to you fully established for an instant Green Roof.
  • No irrigation – Roof retains rainwater so no complicated irrigation system is required.
  • Each living module contains everything that’s needed.
  • Modular – Makes maintenance, moving sections or replacement easy.

Check out the GrufeKit’s website for further information.


Check out the GrufeKit’s website for further information .