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Introducing the new single pantile ventilator from Manthorpe

Introducing the new single pantile ventilator from Manthorpe

The single pantile vent provides a ventilation solution for a tile profile which is used across the whole of the UK .

This particular vent is designed to suit interlocking concrete single pantiles from the leading tile manufacturers such as; Marley Anglia, Redland Fenland and Sandtoft Shire.
This small format tile vent provides a quick and simple solution to the problems of roofspace ventilation and mechanical extraction / soil stack termination through a roof covered with an interlocking single pantile. Suitable for use on roof pitches as low as 20°, it also provides from 5,000mm2 to 25,000mm2 of free airflow. Like the Mini Castellated version the single pantile does not require an adaptor. Only one adaptor is required for all other tile vents in the Manthorpe range.

The single pantile blends in smoothly within the roofline thanks to its in-line profile and is available with a moulded textured finish and in a range of four colours to allow a perfect match. 

The addition of the Single Pantile tile vent complements an extensive range of tile and slate ventilators which have been wind tested by the BRE.

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Did you know?

Manthorpe have a comprehensive range of dry verge systems.  The Smartverge® dry verge units have been designed to offer a cost effective dry fix alternative to a traditional mortar bedded verge, thus avoiding potentially long term maintenance problems.
Smartverge® Interlocking dry verge units can be easily fitted onto a wide range of concrete tiles and are available in a range of colours that complement most roof coverings.

Also in the Smartverge® range are the linear dry verge units for slate and plain tiles! The linear dry verge units are 760mm long (coverage) and are easily secured to 25 x 38mm batten using standard screws or nails, being mortar free they can be installed in all weather conditions.  
The Smartverge® linear dry verge units are compatible with many types of roof coverings such as fibre cement, natural slate and clay or concrete plain tiles. 
Both the Smartverge° interlocking and linear units are suitable for installation on either new build or refurbishment situations where the roof pitch is between 15° and 55°.
For more information on the full Manthorpe range ask in-store.