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RGH Property Services use Alto Lead Plus

RGH Property Services use Alto Lead Plus

Richard of RGH Property Services choose Mercury's Alto Lead Plus non-lead flashing system for his latest project in Sheffield.

About the project

The Project was a Fibreglass GRP Roof with a flat roof window at its centre. Flashing was required around the perimeter of the roof and was also used on the upstand of the Flat Roof Window.

Project Challanges

Low tempterutures and damp weather conditions could have presented a probblem however Alto Leads Plus's malleability meant it was still easy to shape even in adverse conditions.


"The adhesive backing is of great benefit. By pre-adhering the Alto Lead in place it was then easy and quick to shape into place. Its malleability meant I could quickly shape the Alto Lead Plus (often without the use of tools) speeding the project up considerably. I certainly will be using this product again."

For pricing and information on Alto Lead Plus please contact your nearest Burton Roofing Depot.