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Stockton to Whitby Charity Bike Ride

Stockton to Whitby Charity Bike Ride

The event:

Sunday 12th June 2016 Bike ride from Stockton to Whitby 

Twelve brave members of staff from Burton Roofing Stockton venture forth on bikes on an epic quest from Stockton heading east to Whitby to help raise money for Team Finn (SMA Support UK and CHAS).

Follow their journey as they attempt to raise money for two amazing charities.

Team Finn

Finlay Madigan grandson of Burton Roofing Merchants Ltd Director Brian Madigan was born on February 6th 2015 and was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy.  Sadly little Finlay passed away on September 28th 2015 aged just 8 months. 

Finn's parents were overwhelmed by the support given to them from SMA Support UK and CHAS (Children's Hospice Association Scotland) and have been raising money for both charities ever since. 

Read more about Team Finlay 

What is Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Please help them raise money by donating to this worthy cause. 

You can do so in Branch or via the Virgin Money Giving Page

To show their support and raise money our twelve athletes shall venture forth from Stockton, on Sunday the 12th of June traveling over 46 gruelling miles with an estimated time of 4.5 hours to reach their goal of Whitby .


The team:

Steve 'Wheelz' Brownless

“Tactic: Tandem bike and a paid athlete”

Mike 'Pedal Power' Bowes

“Can we use motorbikes?”

Phil 'The Sudocrem' Phoenix

“Are we there yet? ... Are we there yet?”

Robbie 'The Rocket' Morgan

“Just going for the fish and chips”

Jamie 'The Wooley' Atkinson

“Never skip leg day”

Anth 'Maudey' Maude

“I can see the pub from here”

Rhys 'Lightening' Thomas

“Embrace the Grind!”

John 'The Bone Collector' Heskey

"They fall down & I'll pick them up!”

Freddie 'The Fast Cat' Helm

“Going all the way!”

Liam 'Pikachu' Trundley

“I wish I trained for this"

John 'The Hair Gel' Huggins

"Life in the old dog yet!"

Andy 'Bionic' Beach

“It's all down hill isn't it?”