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VELUX Flat Roof Windows

VELUX Flat Roof Windows

Single storey extensions are becoming an increasingly popular means of expanding the home. Whether it be to add extra living space, or to provide a larger kitchen, more and more people are building out.

Natural light is the perfect ingredient for extensions and once added, natural light has the ability to make your newfound space look and feel extra roomy. Natural daylight has an impact in all aspects of interior design from making a room come to life by bringing more of the outdoors in, to providing a healthy environment to work and play in.

In addition to adding extra space to your home, an extension project is also a good way of adding value to your property  – a single storey extension can add up to 20% to the value of a home. This preference for increasing the available living space in the home, combined with the recent relaxation in permitted development rights, means homeowners are building out further than before, resulting in an increase in low mono pitched and flat roofs.

Roof windows are vital for any single storey extension project; as soon as you extend outwards, the space previously on that side of the house is in danger of becoming dark and gloomy. Compared to façade windows, roof windows provide twice as much daylight and, if positioned correctly, will ensure light floods into both the newly created and   existing space that lost light due to removal of the original windows. The inclusion of roof windows also reduces the reliance on artificial lighting, creating an environment that has a light, airy and more natural feel.

VELUX® sloping roof windows can be installed into a  pitch as low as 15°, so what are your options when you have a flat roof that is not suitable for sloping roof windows? VELUX have a wide-range of products including the new flat glass rooflight that can be installed into roof pitches as low as 5°. Unlike most flat roof windows, which have primarily been designed for commercial applications, the VELUX flat glass rooflight has been designed to ensure that it looks as good outside as it does from the inside meaning your flat roof extension looks great both inside and out.

VELUX flat roof windows are available in a fixed non-vented option or an INTEGRA® electrically operated version which is operated via an intuitive touch screen control pad. The control pad gives you the ability to ventilate your room without the need to touch the window.

Features of VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows include; the ability to  program windows to open at a specific time of the day, a vacation programme to ventilate your home securely when you’re not there and the option to link to an existing building management system so the windows open due to triggers such as CO², concentration or temperature.  Each INTEGRA® electric window also comes complete with a rain sensor which will automatically close the window in the event of rain.

Whether it is a sloping roof window or a flat roof window, we can supply the right solution for you. Many of our blinds are available in an electrically operated version and can be operated via the same control pad used for your INTEGRA® electric roof window. 

If you want to know more about the variety of VELUX products on offer from your local Burton Roofing branch head along to one of their upcoming VELUX Tour events where you will have the opportunity to win a number of great prizes, the top prize being a brand new Vauxhall Vivaro van!