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VELUX INTEGRA- The ideal Solution for Extension Projects

VELUX INTEGRA- The ideal Solution for Extension Projects

Both daylight and fresh air are the two most important elements to support a healthy indoor environment.

By installing VELUX roof windows in your building projects you can provide both these elements and a good deal of control over temperature, air quality, ventilation, humidity, noise levels and daylight within the home.

As more and more people are choosing extensions as a means of increasing the useable living space in their home it is important to consider how this new space will be lit and ventilated. When building an extension it is important to consider how the original rooms will remain lit. When you build an extension, you effectively move the original windows further away from the room they are currently lighting. You therefore must consider how to prevent the internal space becoming dark, otherwise the homeowner will have to rely on constant artificial light.

Roof windows, positioned high in the roof slope can allow light to extend far beyond the reach of even the largest façade windows and doors. Many people make the mistake of assuming that a large area of glazing on the façade will result in a greater level of daylight in the building – this is not the case. 

Roof windows provide up to twice as much daylight as façade windows and more importantly, allow the light to penetrate farther into the building. By choosing a combination of large roof windows for your extension projects, you can ensure you not only have a good amount of daylight entering the home, but also ensure that the light is well dispersed to avoid some areas remaining dark.

Roof windows not only provide an abundance of daylight, but also allow you to effectively ventilate the building. By opening a window or door, lower in the façade as well as a roof window above you can create a ventilation stack, which draws fresh air in and pushes old air out at the top by relying on thermal buoyancy of the air. 

VELUX offer INTEGRA electrically operated roof windows which are ideal for extensions as the roof windows are almost always out of reach. VELUX INTEGRA electrically operated roof windows are operated via an intuitive touch screen remote and even can be programmed to open and close again at certain times during the day to ensure your home remains well ventilated. Each roof window is supplied with a rain sensor so that if left open, the window will automatically close in the event of rain. The touch screen remote supplied can also be used to operate additional products such as blinds and shutters giving you complete control of daylight and fresh air.

As well as electrically operated roof windows for pitched roofs, VELUX offer INTEGRA electrically operated flat roof windows for flat roof projects. The flat roof windows are controlled with the same intuitive control pad, have a range of sun screening options and are available as a polycarbonate dome or a stylish flat glass version.

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