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W T Knowles What’s in a Name

W T Knowles What’s in a Name

As you drive through the villages, towns and cities do you ever look up and just wonder at the many types and styles of chimney pots on the roofs and how different and varied they are from place to place?


You could be looking at a Big Bishop, a Little Bishop, a Halifax Windguard, a Champion, Knight, Altham or a Carlisle blow-down?

Perhaps it’s a Sankey, Leeds, Bradford, Southport or Kendal?

When you need a replacement, what do you select? 

A Rook or a Knight but then again is the Top “Hooded or Louvered”.

If you need a mushroom, is it Large, Flat or Tapered?


No, this isn’t a quiz show and neither is it a well-known cooking programme or the latest board game to play or quiz page to complete, just the world of clay chimney pots according to W T Knowles & Sons Ltd.

All of these wonderful and endearing names are chimney pots manufactured by the West Yorkshire company, which has been manufacturing Clay Chimney Pots and Drainage products on the same site in Elland since 1906.

The company is still family owned today, and is now run by the 4th generation of Knowles.

Whatever you need and have on your chimneystack now, chances are we have a replacement just to suit.

We manufacture chimney pots for use with open fires, gas fires or to help reduce downdraught or for capping chimneys that still require ventilation.

Ours is a world where Bishops can be Little, Big or even from Leeds.

Pots can be Edwardian, Scullery or Saucer, Push-In or Push –On style!

We may all be familiar with the most common and standard pots such as Roll-Top, Gas terminals, Flue Vents, Bonnet Hoods and DFE inserts but here at   W T Knowles we do make much more to help you through your problems.

Are you aware for instance that W T Knowles manufacture chimney pots to increase draw or to specifically reduce downdraught?

As an example, Halifax pots can both increase draw and reduce downdraught dependent upon which pot design is selected. As Halifax pots can be 3-Bowl, Hooded or Windguards, which one should you select?

The Halifax 3-Bowl is amongst a range of chimney pots specifically designed to increase draw. This range also includes the Sankey, Vortex, Louvre, Champion and the infamous Anti-Aircraft Pot.

By contrast, the Hooded Halifax 3-Bowl reduces downdraught along with the Popular, Vortex, Hooded Leeds 3-Bowl and the H-Pot.

The Anti-Aircraft pot is from a bygone age where these were essential to increase draw and keep the home fires burning but to not be visible from the skies at night.

Whether it is straight or round or if your base is square, round or rectangular or if you need Classic Terracotta, Hard-wearing Salt-Glazed, Buff or Black, we have got what you need.

Whatever the application, gas flue terminal, redundant flue, decorative fuel effect (DFE), gas cowl or simply as a replacement for the existing pot, with over 180 different models, types and styles in the range, you will find what you need at Knowles.

So don’t be confused, just call and ask us and we will point you in the right direction.

Alternatively take a look at our web site where you will find detailed drawings and fitting instructions as well as a selection guide.

Pots can be “Popular” and you may need to put a “Crown” on your abode but whatever you need, standard or special, we can help.

For further information, telephone 01422 372833 or visit us at